RestArts Studio by Horacio Cabilla



For us, it is always a pleasure to participate in the launch of new products from brands like Scott, a benchmark brand in the world of bicycles.

A few months ago, they contacted us to get involved in the launch of the new gravel bike from their brand.

We had a communication and visual challenge in store for us: something new and especially powerful. We set the gears in motion and, from there, everything flowed. Our inspiration was the famous Gravel race, Badlands. From there, we found the perfect place to shoot the story we were reproducing in our heads: the desert of Almeria, a place very similar to that of the legendary race.

When the Gravel drives you to live a once-in-a-lifetime experience

We already had everything we needed: the storytelling, the riders, the place… We just needed to add some more adventure to an experience that already had all the elements to become unforgettable. And given that the best way to record a great experience is to live it, we decided to rent a caravan and spend the whole shoot living in it, surrounded by the desert, and soaking up the environment around us. Four days hand in hand with the house on our backs. That was magic.

Digital and analogical in one single piece

Aside from the location and the spectacular lighting that accompanied us during all the days of filming, we decided that the best option to enhance the organic look of the new Scott Addict model was to play with the mix of digital and analogical images, using a Super 8 to find the texture and effects that have helped us to enhance the rhythm of the piece.

A great team in the trenches

All of us who work in the audiovisual world know that every shoot is a different world and that you never ever know what you’re going to find, no matter how well planned every minute of the day is. The setbacks surprised us more than ever in the desert of Almeria.

The team summoned to this little “battle” was Ari Oña, our beloved DOP; Pato González, that runner/producer/loqueleeches that could solve any mishap anywhere in the world; Ángela Morant, our FOCUS; Sebas Romero, the best f*cking photographer and Horacio Cabilla, the king of the camera.

The team was ready for anything. Until the night came and, what was supposed to be their time of rest, turned into a battle against the wind: Pato, Angela and Horacio did not know, until that moment, that the wind can carry away a tent with you inside, no matter how much you resist.

As if that were not enough, that night was the night of the daylight-saving clock change. So, the calculations regarding the sunrise were slightly altered, being on our feet since 5 in the morning, waiting for the sunrise until 07:45 am.

And that was not all: the wind, which had not let us rest even 5 minutes, allied with the clouds to cover the sunrise, and not let them record even a static shot because it insisted on taking the bike flying.

But despite everything, the final result was worth it. Now, this story is totally yours. We hope you enjoy the result as much as we did.

RestArts Crew