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Gobik winter: creative agency and content producer

Our experience as filmmakers, having already worked on other projects with Gobik like the Titan Desert, led us to make their winter campaign.

As with all projects, there is always some little detail we end up working on to the point of obsession (although always a healthy one!). In this case it was the light. We were looking for little touches that would help us tell the story we had developed and we didn’t care where we found them. It had to be done. 

This led to inconvenient shooting schedules when the whole team was totally committed. As a content production company, we know that many sacrifices have to be made in order to achieve the best results. And on this shoot we sacrificed hours and hours of sleep so that we could see what we’d been imagining in our heads for weeks reflected in the final result. 


Winter in the middle of August 

As filmmakers, another challenge of this shoot was to build our own private winter when temperatures were in the high thirties. Our thoughts were on a heavenly beach but we were focused on the harshest of winters. Thanks to the team and their inventiveness, we were able to create non-existent rain that made us believe summer was really over. 

As with every shoot, we could tell very many more stories that make these experiences the most satisfying, fun times as a content producer, but above all as a team. When we work with brands like Gobik that have 100% trust in our creative ability, every setback becomes the kind of lesson we have all drawn (and continue to draw) from every experience we have had.

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